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Designer Spotlight - Shannon Ponciano

Award Winning Portland Oregon Interior Design Studio

Shannon is a lover of life and has a passion for design, fashion and style. Shannon has the ability to help people create functional rooms that reflect their personal style. She is a great listener and has a way of understanding exactly what her client is trying to achieve.

1. When / why should a client hire you?

A good time for a client to hire me would be when they are looking to build a new home, remodel an existing home or even just looking to decorate and finish up a space so it is functional and stylish. By hiring me as a designer I can help find solutions in a living space and make it beautiful . I work hard to stay current with design style and I maintain relationships with numerous vendors to get the best products at great prices. By working with me from the beginning I can help clients save money on costly mistakes and I can get unique products that not everyone will have. Each space will reflect my clients personal style.

2. Do you have a specific design style?

I truly enjoy and can appreciate all design styles. …. Maybe someday I will have 8 different homes so I can design – build and decorate each one a differnet style!! I’m thinking I would need a “burb” house, a condo in the city, a mountain home, a beach home, and of course I will need one in another country…… (I will keep saving — and dreaming) For my personal home, I am attracted to more of a casual contemporary style infused with modern global colors and textures, along with a pop of mixed metals like matte gold and silver. My current color pallet obsession is navy, blush pink, gold and ivory.

3. What made you decide to get into this field?

I had bought my first home when I was 23… It was a new build starter home in a cute neighborhood, and of course I had NO money… SO- I would shop at the good will and garage sales. I would refinish furniture or paint and stain things to create a new look. One evening while hosting a party, a friend said to me…. “ you should do interior design….!” and I thought to myself “your SO right!…” So I went back to school and 10 years later here I am….

4. what do you like to do in your spare time?

I have definitely adopted the “work hard – play hard “ menatlity. When I am not creating a space I am most likely out enjoying life and being inspired by everything and everyone around me. I love to explore new places, travel, workout and do pretty much anything outdoors. Most of all, I love to spend time with family and friends.

5. What else do you want people to know?

I am competitive- I love to train and push my body. I love sports… AND great seats at sporting events :)

I have a gluten allergy, and the fastest way to my heart is a GF cinnamon roll

I love accessories… The bigger the better. Anything with sparkles or fur makes my eyes light up.

I am an adventurer at heart… my free spirit loves to explore with sand in my toes and wind in my hair

I spent 10 days in silence learning Vipassana meditation. It changed my life!



Take a peak at some of Shannon's beautiful designs:

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